This is the Mentored Sprints brand guideline. Make sure to read this before re-using any of the assets or making derivative artwork.

png and svg versions of all the digital assets can be found in Also note all the digital artwork is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0 license.


Our long slogan:

Making contribution sprints more accessible and friendlier to all.

Short visual slogans:

Empowering oss leaders.

Making oss more accessible.

Meta description

Mentored Sprints is a community-led project that aims to provide open-source mentorship to folks from all walks of life. We build safe, friendly and welcoming open-source mentorship spaces.

We come from all walks of life and believe that the diversity of our community is the most reliable asset we have. We also want to dismantle the notion of ‘code’ being the most valuable contribution made to open-source.


The official account is @MentoredSprints and the official hashtag #MentoredSprints.


  • Main brand colours: These are the colours used for the logos and main assets.
Blue Gem


Medium Turquoise






Pink lace


  • Website colours: created from the main colour palette but optimised for accessibility and web display.
Light wisteria - primary


Slate Blue


Cornflower Blue


Middle Blue Green


Raisin Black


Ghost White




You can find our logos in this GitHub repository and you can also download any of these images below by clicking on them.

Logos and marks

Asset Recommended usage Type of asset    
Mentored Sprints main logo This is our main logo use on light backgrounds Main logo - transparent background    
Mentored Sprints main logo transparent Use this logo when you need a white background Main logo - white background    
Mentored Sprints main mark Use this for social media, profiles or when the main logo is too big Main mark - white squared    
Mentored Sprints main brand Use this when the main logo is too big for the space Main brand - white background, rectangular    
Mentored Sprints alt mark Use this for social media, profiles (preferred over the white version) or when the main logo is too big Alt mark - blue squared    
Mentored Sprints alt logo This is the secondary logo Secondary - white text on blue    
Mentored Sprints main brand Secondary mark - use when the main logo is too big for the space Alt mark - white text on blue    


Including enough clear space around the lockup protects its integrity and clarity. Use the height of the “d” letter in Mentored to keep intruding elements at bay.

lockup guide image


Mentored Sprints official banner

Mentored Sprints official slim  banner

Swag ready

Colour sticker:


This is to be made in holohraphic stickers:


Please note this is still the previous branding: