Mentored Sprints at PyCon US 2021

Sprint date:
Mentored Sprints at PyCon US 2021

The details

When and where

15th and 16th May 2021 online!

With PyCon US moving to an online format we will be hosting three Mentored Sprints:

What projects will you be sprinting on?

PyCon US is the biggest Python conference organized every year, thousands of developers, teachers, maintainers, and aficionados attend the event every year. As such it provides a unique opportunity to bring together creators, maintainers, and users for a few days.

By running similar events in smaller conferences, we have learned that the attendees (and projects) get much more out of it by having maintainers, organizers, and attendees working together. This way, the maintainers of a particular package can provide directed, effective and in-person mentoring to a group of individuals, and the attendees feel more confident and usually leave with a higher sense of accomplishment.

Getting involved

Mentors and Open Source Projects

The call for applications for projects close on the 14th of May 2021 and we encourage maintainers and developers of any package attending PyCon to participate in this mentored sprint. We also welcome folks that are not maintainers of an open source project to be mentors on the day.

Please use the Project and Mentor signup form to take part in the sprint.

Contributors - people sprinting on the day

The call for contributors (individuals willing to participate in the sprint) will remain open until the day before the event and we encourage anyone interested to attend. If you are wondering if this event is for you: it definitely is, and we would love to have you taking part in this sprint.

Please use the contributor signup form to take part in the sprint.

Registration for attendees and mentors is now open!