Mentored Sprints was started as an initiative to onboard and empower folks from historically underrepresented groups in open source. You can learn more about our mission here:

Mentored Sprints

We love seeing folks organising their own mentored sprints as part of conferences and as stand-alone events.

What you need to know

  • All of our content including the Community handbook are entirely Open Source (we release code under a BSD-3 license and content/art under CC-BY).
  • The Community handbook contains useful resources to run your own online sprints Check the Community Handbook here.
  • This is community-led project run by volunteers.


We have some basic requirement to ensure your event lines up with our ethos:

  1. You must have a Code of Conduct, whether you have one for your specific event or adapt the Mentored Sprints. This is a hard requirement.
  2. You must have clear Code of Conduct enforcement guidelines and reporting mechanisms. Including a named person responsible for CoC incidents handling on the day.
  3. We at Mentored Sprints prioritise folks from underrepresented groups and newcomers to open source - we would like to encourage you to follow this approach. We know this can be problematic, another approach we follow is: “each participating person from a majoritarian group should bring another individual from a marginalised group”
  4. Fill in a very brief impact report after your event - this helps us keep track of the impact of Mentored Sprints and learn what we can do better.

Running your community-led mentored sprints

  1. Decide on the scope: one single project, multiple projects, within a conference or as a stand-alone event
  2. Reach out to to express interest in running your mentored sprint
  3. Add your event to our site by submitting a Pull Request: see our guide
  4. Send the following details to
    • Sprint lead name and contact details (email, Twitter, GitHub as applicable)
    • Date, time and location of your sprint
    • Link to your event Code of Conduct
    • Names and contact details for your code of conduct incident response team
    • Let us know if you would like to run the sprints in our Discord server (the admins will need to give you access and book a session with you to run though technical details)
    • A Twitter-sized announcement so we can advertise on the @MentoredSprints account
  5. Your Pull Request will only be merged after you send the above email and our team sends confirmation of acceptance
  6. You can use the Mentored Sprints brand/logo once you receive the team’s approval and your PR is merged to our website. Please read our brand guidelines here.
  7. After the event: fill in the impact report and email it back to us at (you will receive the format in your confirmation email).