Mentored Sprints Core Team

Meet the Mentored Sprints Core team. We are always looking for helping hands so if you are interested in joining the team please contact us through our Contact page or through GitHub.


Tania Allard

Tania is the Co-Director at Quansight Labs and founder of Mentored Sprints. She is passionate about end-to-end Machine Learnign, scientific computing and all things open-source. In her free time she loves reading, weightlifting and trying craft beers.

Cheuk Ho

After having a career in data science, Cheuk now brings her knowledge in data and passion for the tech community into TerminusDB as the developer relations lead. Cheuk constantly contributes to the open-source community by giving free tutorials on Twitch and organize sprints to encourage diversity contributions.

Laís Carvalho

Laís Carvalho is a Developer Advocate for OpenTeams. Open source enthusiast and nerd, she dedicates most of her time to college and the Python Community. With a background in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Laís loves data, is fascinated by Natural Language Processing and thinks that people's mission in life is to have fun. Hyper enthusiastic speaker, she is also a fearless chocolate eater.

Zac Hatfield-Dodds

Zac is a researcher at the Australian National University, an open-source maintainer, and regular conference speaker and mentor. He enjoys teaching, testing code, bushwalking, reading books, and eating dark chocolate.